Muslims know the importance of Zam Zam, a holy drinking water and Tasbeeh so they often want to buy these goods so that they can bring some purity into their impure life. Sana Gift lets the Muslim to buy Tasbeeh that are made of fine pearls and beads and used them at the end of their prayers and when they want to memorize ALLAH. Holy water "ZAM ZAM" is brought from Makkah just for Muslims residing in Australia so that they can enjoy great heath and peace of mind in their routine life. Every Muslim believes that he can get heal from every disease when he drinks this pure and holy water thus Sana gifts offers you an opportunity to remain healthy all the time.


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Pure Zam Zam Water
A protectively packed bottle containg pure Zam Zam water in it is also availble at sanagifts of I..
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Tasbeeh Collection
A great collection of Tasbeeh is available on our site, one can choose any of our colorful collec..
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Brass Aftaba Ornament
A Classical Arabian Aftaba to suit your decoration needs. Made in brass metal and the pattern you..
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Quality Bamboo Big Gazebo
Beautiful Quality Bamboo Big Gazebo for outdoor and home gardens. It has 6-9 seating options and ..
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Bamboo Gazebo Without Seating
Small Quality Bamboo Gazebo available for sale in Sydney. Shipping is offered for Sydney only for..
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